1. Abstract

This paper delineates the architecture of eRon blockchain and outlines the protocol for facilitating interaction between BSC and ETH blockchains and eRon native assets. Given the autonomous nature of eRon applications vis-à-vis the BSC and ETH consensus set, BSC and ETH only rely on their security paradigm.

To safeguard users' assets from potential malicious activities, eRon refrains from introducing a direct internal protocol for cross-chain communication between eRon, BSC, ETH and various other blockchains and sidechains, aside from native assets. This precaution is taken to mitigate the risk of potential losses stemming from compromised eRon applications. For all other assets on eRon blockchain, we have integrated third party cross-chain platforms: CelR Bridging.

The proposed standard aims to establish requisites for such blockchains.

2. Motivation

Presently, BSC and ETH grapple with network scalability challenges. Our approach leverages blockchains designed to offer significantly higher throughput and lower gas fees. This document endeavors to delineate a consensus management and messaging protocol between eRon and BSC and ETH, streamlining adoption for developers and integration for both BSC and ETH.